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DiA: Press release

Democracy in Action observed the voting process for or against the dismissal of the mayors of four northern municipalities in the country at all polling stations from their opening at 7:00 a.m. According to observers, all polling stations closed on time, at 7:00 p.m., with no cases of citizens waiting in line to vote.


 The all-day voting process was characterized by a pronounced lack of interest from citizens in participating in the voting, despite the fact that in January, over 20 percent of eligible voters signed a petition for the dismissal of the mayors of the four municipalities in northern Kosovo.

Democracy in Action believes that this was a missed opportunity for citizens to express their will to pave the way for elections for new mayors who would enjoy representative legitimacy. Voting is the first democratic instrument through which a citizen establishes connectivity and participation in local politics, and then has the opportunity to demand accountability from the elected officials.

According to Democracy in Action, the technical conditions in some polling stations did not meet the standards of the voting process.  It is worth mentioning the inadequate choice of buildings that served as polling stations, as well as the clustering of several polling stations in one space, setting up voting booths on the floors of municipal buildings, improvising offices or narrow spaces as polling stations, and the lack of heating or lighting in polling stations organized in containers.

However, today's process proceeded smoothly, disinterestedly, and without incidents.