18.04.2024. » 11:50 | ACDC

Promoting Cultural Respect in Kosovo

Within a project aimed at promoting cultural respect among communities...


16.04.2024. » 15:21 | ACDC

Building Bridges for Inter-ethnic Understanding and Collaboration

To foster inter-ethnic cooperation among youth in Kosovo, NGO ACDC ...


01.04.2024. » 10:25 | ACDC

Final Conference of the project “Promoting Interethnic Dialogue in Local Government”

As part of the project “Promoting Interethnic Dialogue in Local...


30.03.2024. » 16:00 | ACDC

The Ombudsperson met the representatives of NGOs in North Mitrovica

N.Mitrovica, March 27, 2024 - The Ombudsperson, Naim Qelaj and...


22.03.2024. » 11:22 | ACDC

The Inclusive Platform for empowering Kosovo's non-majority Communities

The online platform, developed in collaboration with the Office for...


21.03.2024. » 15:30 | ACDC

New Project Signed - Building inter-ethnic bridges among youth in Kosovo

The NGO ACDC has signed a contract with IOM for...


09.03.2024. » 15:25 | ACDC

Public Discussion on the Work of the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo in North Mitrovica Held

As part of the project "Advancing Human Rights through Increased...


06.03.2024. » 23:57 | CDF

New Project - Empowering Youth for Human Rights: Building Sustainable Communities in northern Kosovo

NGO ACDC is pleased to announce that we've signed a...