23.01.2023. » 12:19 | ACDC

European Cervical Cancer Day

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women....


27.12.2022. » 19:18 | ACDC

Announcement regarding the prevention of the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church from entering Kosovo

The latest decision of the Government of Kosovo not to...


19.12.2022. » 21:31 | ACDC

Press release regarding the detention of Dejan Pantic

We, the undersigned, express great concern about the situation in...


18.12.2022. » 01:50 | ACDC

International Migrants Day

On the occasion of International Migrants Day, which is observed...


11.12.2022. » 12:29 | ACDC

"16 Days of Activism" campaign

"16 days of activism" is an international campaign that begins...


10.12.2022. » 11:46 | ACDC

International Human Rights Day

We are witnesses that even today, after more than seven...


09.12.2022. » 10:56 | ACDC

International Anti-Corruption Day

Corruption permeates all segments of society and represents one of...


07.12.2022. » 19:20 | ACDC

DiA: Insisting on holding elections in the four northern municipalities in the current circumstances tactless

DiA: Insisting on holding elections in the four northern municipalities...