Human Rights

ACDC has engaged in the protection of human rights through different activities, public campaigns, and trainings programs. Dozens of young people have gone through the "Human Rights School" program that was developed with the goal to train young people and enable them to know their human rights and responsibilities and to become inspired to protect and defend their rights, the rights of others and serve as catalysts for positive change in their communities.

NGO ACDC has standing cooperation with the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo, which is involved in several ACDC projects that are designed to demonstrate existing mechanisms and facilitate access to information of public importance. A public campaign on the work of the Ombudsperson, conducted by ACDC, has significantly raised the visibility of the Institution by engaging with the local community and sharing knowledge of the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo, and thus increased the capacities for the promotion of human rights.

Key achievement:

  • Memorandum of cooperation with the Ombudsperson Institution of Kosovo
  • Programs of trainings on human rights for young people and municipal officials