Dušan Radaković

Executive Director


Dušan Radaković was born in 1984 in Mitrovica. Following the end of the conflict in Kosovo, as a youth civil society activist, he participated in many multiethnic activities implemented by various international organizations. He completed his primary and secondary education in Mitrovica and holds an MA Diploma in Law. He also completed a number of courses in Kosovo and abroad, including the Leadership Program in the USA. His work experience includes journalist at Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK), Project Officer at Partners Kosova (2005-2008), and Program manager at "National Democratic Institute-NDI Kosovo" (2008-2015).

At the end of 2011, he founded the non-governmental organization "Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture" and in the next 10 years, he implemented almost 100 projects funded by numerous donors, embassies, and international organizations in Kosovo and the region.

He deserves credits for the successful leadership and management of the organization in accordance with the strategic guidelines set by the Board of Directors. He develops an innovative operational plan that includes goals and tasks that work in the strategic direction of the organization, oversees planning, implementation, and evaluation of the organization's programs. He participates in human resource planning and management, financial planning, and risk management.

Mr. Radaković was part of the first group of licensed active mediators from the Serb community in Kosovo and he was a member of the Advisory Council for Communities in Kosovo for four years, as well as an active member of the Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Dealing with the Past and an active member of the Office of the Language Commissioner ​​in Kosovo. The main fields of Mr. Radaković’s engagements have been the rule of law, anti-corruption, transparency, human rights, and monitoring of the election process.

Mr. Radaković is fluent in English and Albanian languages. He is married and a father of one child.


Aleksandar Rapajić

Program Director


Aleksandar Rapajić is a graduate lawyer and has been an active member of civil society for over 20 years.

Throughout his career, he specialized in human rights, dialogue and reconciliation, conflict transformation, and transitional justice. For more than 10 years, he has been involved in the process of inter-ethnic dialogue and reconciliation through his work in the Nansen Dialogue Kosovo. In 2015, he was the civil society representative in the Inter-Ministerial Working Group for Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation in Kosovo.

Additionally, he has been actively collaborating with the outreach team of the Kosovo Specialist Chamber since 2018 and was a Project Officer for the Kosovo Reconciliation Coalition from 2019 to 2022. He was a member of the Consultative Council for Communities under the President’s office for two mandates and was a chairman of the Council for one year.

Currently, he works at NGO ACDC as the Program Director, where he is responsible for overseeing and managing the organization's programs in line with its mission and vision.


Slobodan Stošić

Program Manager


Slobodan Stošić graduated from the English Language and Literature Department of the local university in North Mitrovica.

With extensive experience in local non-governmental organizations in North Mitrovica, Slobodan has gained significant experience in implementing projects supporting non-majority communities, reconciliation, promoting human rights, as well as empowering youth, and resolving conflicts in Kosovo. He has also been involved in numerous projects promoting the fight against discrimination, and hate speech, and advancing the rights of vulnerable social groups. Additionally, he has significant experience as a trainer on human rights and soft skills.

His interests include teaching and learning languages, literature, chess, rule of law, and information technology.

Slobodan currently works as a Program Manager at NGO ACDC, where he is responsible for project planning, coordination with the organization's partners, and ensuring the successful implementation of projects.


Ines Aljović Mihajlović

Program Officer


Ines Aljović Mihajlović is a civil activist with several years of experience in the civil sector. Throughout her career, she has worked for several NGOs and participated in courses aimed at empowering women and members of minority communities in Kosovo.

Through her work in the civil sector, Ines has gained significant experience in implementing projects related to human rights and has been involved in projects promoting gender equality, combating discrimination, and improving the rights of vulnerable social groups. Ines also has experience in conducting research on women's rights, including women's labor rights and their status in Kosovo, as well as experience as a trainer on human rights, women's rights, and soft skills. Additionally, she was the chairperson of the Communities Committee in the Municipality of Zvečan.

Ines enjoys photography, writing, books, and the sea. She is married and a mother of two children.

Currently, she works as a Program Officer at NGO ACDC, where she is responsible for project implementation, activity planning, as well as coordination with collaborators and partners of the organization.


Snežana Vukićević

Communication Officer


Snežana Vukićević holds an MA in English language and literature from the University of Pristina temporarily settled in North Mitrovica. Before joining NGO ACDC, she worked with various non-governmental organizations in North Kosovo and has taken part in programs and courses that support the professional development of members of non-majority communities in Kosovo.

In addition to her strong background in English teaching, Snežana possesses valuable experience in administration, translation, graphic design, social media, website management, and other areas of digital communication.

Her interests also include learning foreign languages and cultural diversity.

Snežana currently works as a communication officer at NGO ACDC, where she is responsible for the organization's visibility, promoting activities and achievements, and providing support in project implementation.



Biljana Raković

Financial and Administrative Assistant


Biljana Raković is from North Mitrovica. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics after previously graduating from high school in economics. Biljana is an excellent team worker and good in leadership, which enabled her to progress quickly because she easily learns new skills, and this was contributed to by attending a lot of training and workshops in various fields organized by local NGOs. She worked in various NGOs, initially as a researcher, while later gaining experience, worked as a coordinator and financial assistant.

She currently works in the NGO ACDC as a financial and administrative assistant and is in charge of the administration and financial management of projects. Biljana is doing well in the set deadlines and time management.


Lulzim Hakaj

Program officer (Prishtina)


Lulzim Hakaj is an experienced team leader with the ability to initiate and manage cross-functional teams and multi-disciplinary projects. Also he has excellent Communication skills. 

Lulzim has than 13 years of experience with organizations of Civil Society in Kosovo. 


Fatjona Musliu



Fatjona Musliu is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Law, University "Isa Boletini," in Mitrovica.

In addition to her academic commitment, she is a dedicated activist for human rights and more. She has been part of numerous internships in important constitutional and judicial institutions such as the Assembly of the Kosovo, and the Basic Court in Mitrovica, and she is currently an intern at the Labor Inspectorate in Mitrovica.

She has also participated in different programs, courses, and workshops aimed at empowering women, especially young girls, empowering the youth in politics, the members of minority communities in Kosovo, mentorship programs, most notably those organized by international organizations such as NDI, YIHR, BPRG, NSI.

In addition to being a future lawyer, Fatjona is also engaged in politics and policy making. In addition, Fatjona loves books, movies, cooking, traveling, and the sea.

She is currently engaged in NGO ACDC as an intern. 




Andrea Todić



Andrea is a young activist for human rights, a feminist, and an artist by heart.

She took part in different projects with NGOs in Kosovo, such as trainings, fellowships, volunteering and other activities aimed at bringing together all communities in Kosovo. Additionally, she is a trainer in the field of conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

Her biggest passion is artistic writing, but volunteering is placed right after that.

Her relaxing hobby is painting, but her favorite one is creating Instagram posts that promote equality and combat hatred. 

Andrea's dream is to live in a world where differences are seen as beautiful instead of problematic, and where all human rights are fulfilled!

Andrea is currently engaged as an intern at NGO ACDC.