Anti-corruption and transparency

Another key field of work of our organization, since our foundation, has been the field of Anti-Corruption and Transparency. Through a number of projects, the organization contributed to fostering good governance at local level in northern Kosovo, in particular through an increased transparency of local self-governments. Other interventions included training CSOs from northern Kosovo to monitor and report on transparency of local governance and anti-corruption; while on of the biggest achievements in this filed was the establishing of the Civil Society Transparency Forum, with eight (8) CSOs from northern Kosovo. The organization also trains representatives of local self-governments and CSOs on transparent governance; had developed a Report on Municipal Reform and Transparency/Corruption Index, and was the first CSO in northern Kosovo which developed the Local Action Plan on Transparent Governance, which was shared with municipal assemblies of all four self-governments in northern Kosovo.

NGO ACDC also continuously work on Public Campaigning and Visibility activities, public and media campaign to raise the public awareness and knowledge on Transparent Governance at local level. It has to be mentioned that these would not have been possible without cooperation with Anticorruption Agency, Ombudsperson Institution and municipalities in northern Kosovo defined through Memorandum of Cooperation.

Key Achievements:

  • Local Action Plan on Transparent Governance in northern Kosovo
  • Municipal Reform and Transparency/Corruption Index in northern Kosovo
  • Creation of a Civil Society Anti-Corruption Forum