Women’s Rights

NGO ACDC has experience in implementing projects related to improving the position of women and promoting gender equality. Within the project aimed to empower women from non-majority communities to participate in decision-making processes and raise awareness among men about the importance of their inclusion, ACDC published research that provided insight into the perception of women from the North of Kosovo on their position in society. The comprehensive research analysis also contains recommendations based on the research results and indicates the specific measures that can be taken to improve their status in society as well as ways to overcome gender stereotypes and barriers.

Furthermore, NGO ACDC has joined efforts with NGO Santa Maria, an organization working in the field of violence against women, and established a Women’s Network, bringing together women from different institutions and civil society organizations from the north of Kosovo. ACDC will continue to work on establishing a modality of a growing and sustainable women’s network which will work on the advancement of women’s rights and their inclusion in decision-making at both local and central levels.

Key achievement:

  • Memorandum of cooperation with NGO Santa Maria
  • Women’s Network established
  • The position of women from non-majority municipalities is presented to stakeholders
  • Advocacy activities for improving the rights of women