29.03.2022. » 19:23

Supporting Young Writers in Intercultural Dialogue and Promoting Cultural Diversity

The project is a follow-up to the project The Role of Young Writers in Intercultural Dialogue and it was created with the idea to engage young authors of different ethnic backgrounds from the north of Kosovo with extensive experiences in writing and promoting reading, to create contacts and opportunities for future publishing, as well as to promote cultural diversity.


The overall objective of the project is to further support and strengthen the regional cooperation of young writers, literary community and reading culture in four northern municipalities in Kosovo and promote mutual understanding and respect for diverse cultures and cultural expressions through the campaign designed to raise awareness about cultural diversity.


1. Workshops with Young Authors. Workshops will be organized with young literary artists and literature students, aiming to equip them with useful skills in creative writing workshops

 2. Op-Eds. The aim of Op-Eds will be to highlight and explain certain issues of importance for the literary arts and artists

3. Media Talk to Promote Reading Culture

4. Public Campaign. NGO ACDC will develop a public campaign to raise public awareness and promote intercultural awareness

5. Cultural Diversity Conference