12.09.2023. » 09:56

OP - ED Struggle for Equality, Challenges, and Progress in the 21st Century

In today's world, in the 21st...


23.08.2023. » 11:34

OP - ED Human Rights and LGBTIQ+ Rights

With the growing focus on human...


17.08.2023. » 08:29

OP - ED Human Rights – Modern Concept or the Right to a Normal Life?

Human rights are inalienable, universal, and crucial...


15.08.2023. » 08:07

OP - ED Limitations and Human Rights: Right to Freedom of Movement

Freedom of movement entails the complete, unhindered,...


10.08.2023. » 06:27

OP - ED Advancing Human Rights in Kosovo: A Journey Towards Equality and Fairness

Erzan Sejdiu, a student at IBC-M, underscores...


04.08.2023. » 10:43

OP - ED Language Rights: Official Use of the Turkish Language in Kosovo

İbrahim Ömer, a law graduate and a...


05.07.2023. » 10:55

OP - ED -Strengthening the key pillars of society for the protection of human rights in Kosovo.

Key pillars of society - education, healthcare,...