Conference on transparency of local government and role of the Ombudsperson office - 16.09 ACDC 14h

NGO Center for the Advocacy of Democratic Culture - ACDC is pleased to invite you to participate in a public conference on Transparency of local government and role of the Ombudsperson office. The public conference is part of the project "Enforcement of transparency and involvement of citizens in decisions making on the local level in north Kosovo". This project is implemented by ACDC in cooperation with the Kontakt Plus as Media Partner. The project is supported by the Kosovo Foundation for an Open Society - KFOS.


The public Conference will discuss about transparency of the local government, involvement of the citizens in the work of the local government and role of the Ombudsperson office.


Guests of the public discussion will be:

Ms. Miljana Scekic    – Representative of the Ombudsperson office

Mr. Nemanja Bisevac     – Councilor of North Mitrovica assembly

Mr. Nenad Radosavljevic – Councilor of Zvecan assembly

Mr. Darko Nedeljkovic    - Representative of the ACDC


The public discussion will take place on September 16, 2019, starting at 14:00 hrs in premises of NGO ACDC – Cika Jovina Street No 3, North City Center, North Mitrovica.


We are expecting you on our event.

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