PRESS RELEASE On the Occasion of One Year since the Beginning of the Implementation of the Brussels Agreement on Judiciary

On the occasion of one year since the beginning of the implementation of the Agreement on Judiciary concluded within the Brussels Dialogue of Belgrade and Prishtina, the Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights YUCOM from Belgrade and the Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture ACDC from Mitrovica, invite the authorities in Belgrade and Prishtina to act responsibly regarding the implementation of undertaken obligations and introduce the implementation reporting....Opširnije »

NGO ACDC stronger for a new team member

Milica Marjanović is the president of the Local Youth Council for North Mitrovica. Student activist and former radio host. She is a third year student at Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, in North Mitrovica. Milica is focused on the issues and needs of young people in this social environment, as well as in organization of young people for the better position of the youth. She believes that the key to success is a clear vision of yourself, but also a lot of work on own improvement. She is engaged in charity activities, especially with children with disabilities. She emphasizes the importance of knowing and using foreign languages, and she also learns foreign languages English and French from her earliest childhood....Opširnije »

OP-ed Migration of Youth

Migrations or the movement of the population in various directions and for various reasons, is always one of the constants of social life. Unfortunately, the migrations are exhausting all possible social resources, and if we look at it broadly, from various aspects the losses are immeasurable. Demographic data and demographic research is the best way to show how many people go to other countries to gain better education, higher material profits, better social status and position. The question is why this all go this way? ...Opširnije »

Closing conference 30.10.2018

NGO Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture - ACDC has organized conference about "Situation in the judiciary system". The conference is part of the project "Integration of the judiciary 6 months later, where are we?". This project is implemented by ACDC in cooperation with the Kontact Plus Radio Media Partner. The project is supported by the Kosovo Foundation for an Open Society - KFOS....Opširnije »

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November 2018
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